Campaign Video

Created to educate senators and persuade them to vote down a tax bill that threatened affiliate marketers in 2017.


A bill in Utah threatened to gut affiliate marketing income for many bloggers across the state. As an employee at AvantLink, I participated in fighting the bill by creating an animated explainer video. The tax Nexus bill’s momentum was largely driven by a lack of understanding from politicians who didn’t have the familiarity with affiliate marketing technology to make a sound decision.



Explaining complex technology, taxes, and including a call to action is a tall order for a short video. To succeed then, the visuals needed to be adept at solidifying each point made in the script, which I accounted for by meticulously planning and following a video production and animation process that I learned while working at GuideSpark. I created every part of this video except for the VO and music.



Producing this video enabled the group of Utah bloggers affected by the bill to share and spread the word with a concise and straightforward video, rather than spending 30 minutes explaining it in person. The bill was defeated, and the video was shared across social media and used in affiliate/blogging meetings up to the termination of the bill.


Initial storyboard sketch.





Digital storyboard with assets.


AE project label structure.


AE project organization.


  • Outline & write script
  • Sketch storyboard
  • Create digital storyboard & illustrate assets
  • Outsource voice over
  • Animate in After Effects
  • Edit and add music in Premiere