Blog Copywriting


Becoming an authority for a brand through content marketing requires meticulous attention to style, structure, and above all, quality research. At MOJO Marketplace, I developed a brand voice guide and refined copywriting for all types of communications. I also sought to improve the quality of writing and research for each blog article, meet and exceed the audience’s expectations, and edit freelance writer’s work to perfection.



I began improving the quality of each blog article by asking sales and support representatives the most common questions customers were asking. To my surprise, the audience, which was perceived by the company as developers, turned out to be more on the beginner side for creating websites, with the majority being small business owners. I was then able to adjust my strategy and focus my writing on tactical how-to articles and in-depth guides. I found that sentence structure overall needed to be simplified, and that the use of images, gifs, and videos increased attention and engagement.



Over a six-month time period, I was able to increase blog traffic by 50% and average time on page boosted to 3:40! Here are some great examples of highly effective articles: