Blog Illustrations


As a part of my content marketing and UX work at MOJO Marketplace, I tested different styles of featured images and in-post graphics for the MOJO Marketplace blog to improve user experience by creating the most relevant images, and to increase click through rates on shared posts.



When I began my audit, most of the blog images were poor quality, irrelevant stock photos or graphics that prompted little to no interactions.

For example, this stock photo provides little to no context about the article, and is somewhat off-putting in it’s negativity. The image featured below, however, was created with the express purpose of inspiring the reader to plan an editorial calendar. I attempted to convey this with a fun, flat vector illustration style, muted colors that are associated with being calm, and attractive desk accessories.




At present, I’ve begun using a mix of more relevant, high quality stock photos and illustrations to draw interest in each blog article. Throughout the past six months, putting more intention behind the design of blog images and stock photo choices alone increased the average number of clicks on facebook from 2 to 5.



I also improved user experience by optimizing images for faster loading speed, while retaining quality. After exporting from Illustrator or Sketch, I ran each image through a compressor. I also run A3 Lazy Load, WP Smush, and Hummingbird minification and caching on this blog to further reduce loading times.

Here are some more examples of illustrations that performed well on the MOJO Marketplace blog:




  • Brainstorm ideas and strategy to create an image that increases CTR to the article
  • Sketch images on paper/ipad
  • Mock up 3-5 designs in Illustrator or Sketch
  • Implement and run A/B tests in emails, social media, and on site
  • Measure results and log in documentation for refinement