Brand Voice



One of the hardest parts of creating a consistent brand is cross-channel communications. If your website states “Our friendly service reps will help you solve problems quickly and stay motivated” but your service reps have no guidelines about how to accomplish that through communication, the inconsistencies start to build up fast. Much like a visual style guide, creating a guide to your brand voice with examples for real-world applications is the first step to a consistent communications strategy. I devised and created a brand voice style guide for MOJO Marketplace and created this mini-site so that employees could access it anywhere.


I interviewed various stakeholders within MOJO, including the CEO, COO, and Creative Director, as well as Sales, Support, and WP Live representatives. I collected their feedback about what customers care about, the feelings we want our brand to convey to our customers, and some common communications scenarios where improvements could be made.

I then made a list of adjectives that could describe the voice of MOJO, and whittled them down in collaboration with stakeholders. I was able to condense the overall feeling into four verbs: Motivate, Be Human, Be Transparent, Have Fun. These four verbs help cement the way we want to talk to customers, and the rest of the style guide helps support that with examples of tone, style, grammar, and different types of content or scenarios we’d encounter at MOJO.


The sales and support teams used this guide to help tell a more consistent story to customers, and to be able to go off script more often when facing difficult situations. In addition, our content writers and freelancers were able to deliver more accurate first drafts that reflected the brand promise.



  • Brainstorm branding and ideal customer experience
  • Write and revise brand guidelines with stakeholders
  • Mockup site design in Sketch
  • Develop website in WordPress

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