Zombies At Work

Compliance video series prototype created to engage workers in understanding and adhering to compliance policies at large companies.


Communicating compliance topics to employees is a huge struggle for all companies. My team sought to create a prototype to test different ideas for delivering that communication in a more interesting and less threatening way.



After brainstorming some ideas, we decided to roll with an Alfred Hitchcock inspired narrator who perceives workplace compliance as a kind of twilight zone of weirdness. My thinking was that this got to the core of why people dislike compliance—the consequences. By making the topic seem mystical, we took some of the edge off, and any old movie buffs would enjoy the references we threw in.



The video we produced in about a week did a great job as a proof of concept and opened the doors to more interesting ways to compile and deliver compliance content.



  • Brainstorm and storyboard ideas
  • Write initial script & record audio
  • Art directed illustrations, asset creation, and animations
  • Recorded VO & sfx