Guest Blogging


In the world of content marketing, scoring some good guest blog post or trades can help with SEO and send traffic to your site so people can discover your brand in new ways. As a part of my content strategy, I collaborated with relevant WordPress and DIY website companies, podcasts, and blogs to share content and promotions. To name a few, I worked with the podcast BobWP, Uptowork,, WP Beginner, and Adficient.



As a part of my content planning and research, I found many blogs and sites that were great fits for sharing or trading content. I did my best to be a part of each site’s conversion in a meaningful way by posting comments, sharing posts on social media, and by reaching out with personalized suggestions and proposals. In terms of copywriting and strategy, guest posting often requires you to adhere to the style guide and branding of another blog or website, which can be challenging, but fulfilling.


The Results:

These collaborations took time and effort to bring together, but in the end, I was able to write articles, and publish articles from other writers, and make some great affiliate connections for MOJO Marketplace, which increased traffic to our blog and website, and resulted in more affiliate and organic revenue.

Here are some of the best posts created through collaboration: