Marketing Campaign Development

Note: This portfolio piece spans multiple disciplines, including UX design, copywriting, marketing, front-end development, and project management. See process overview for details.



Sometimes your customers don’t know what they need. Or better said, they don’t know that your product can solve their problem. That is very much the case at MOJO Marketplace, where beginner website builders are looking for answers. How do you sell WordPress themes to people who don’t know what a WordPress theme is? Or even WordPress in some cases?



To help customers realize the outcome of a WordPress theme, I planned and launched a campaign focused on new year’s resolutions. I researched our target audience through social media and compared competitor marketing strategies. Then I developed a creative brief and led a brainstorm for copy and messaging ideas. We chose to appeal to the end goal of a website for three audiences: blogs, businesses, and portfolios, and I wrote copy designed to drive the user from their end goal to the product they need to get there.



Our campaign generated traffic in the tens of thousands and made about $5000 in revenue after just two weeks. After reviewing analytics and seeing where customers went after viewing the landing pages, we discovered that many were not buying WordPress themes, but rather full website packages or support. This taught me that the audience didn’t need to access a WordPress theme—they need a solution. Considering those needs, the copy and design of this landing page did a phenomenal job sparking the interest and need in the users; it just wasn’t the right product to push.


Check out the full pages here:



  • Research audience
  • Draft creative brief and campaign schedule
  • Lead brainstorm for creative ideas
  • Coordinate with development team for promo code and shopping cart links
  • Draft and edit copy for landing pages, emails, ads, and ebook
  • Collaborate with graphic designer on landing pages
  • Optimized image exports for better quality and loading speed
  • Design mobile versions for 5 screen sizes based off the original design
  • Write html/css/javascript for each page and optimize images and structure
  • Analyze campaign results and optimize throughout